Students of Michael D. Larsen

PhD Students

  1. Jennifer C. Huckett, Synthetic data methods for disclosure limitation, (Iowa State, 2008).
      Statistician at The Cadmus Group, Inc (Portland, Oregon, 2013 - present). Battelle (Columbus, Ohio, 2008-2013). U.S. Census Bureau Dissertation Fellowship. 2007- 2008.
  2. Minhui Paik, Fractional Imputation, (Iowa State, summer 2009).
      Manager Biostatistics and Epidemiology, INOVA hosptial, Virginia (2017 - present). Department of Mathematics, U Toledo (2009-2017).
  3. Lu Lu, Variance estimation and model selection in complex surveys (Iowa State, spring 2009).
      University of Southern Florida, (Visiting and then Assistant Professor, 2011 - present); Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL, post doc, 2009-2011); 2011-2013. IMS Laha student travel award 2007.
  4. Cherie J. Kientoff (Alf), Development of weighted model fit indexes for structural equation models using multiple imputation, (Iowa State, 2011).
      Nielsen (2011+) ASA SRMS student travel award 2008.
  5. Wanjie Sun, Methods for a Longitudinal Quantitative Outcome With a Multivariate Gaussian Mixture Distribution Multi-dimensionally Censored by Therapeutic Intervention (GWU, 2012 w/ J. Lachin).
      FDA, 2013-present.
  6. Siyu Qing, Statistics (GWU, 2011- 2014), Longitudinal Weight Calibration with Estimated Control Totals for Cross Sectional Survey Data: Theory and Application.
      Ernst and Young, 2014-present; ASA SRMS student travel award 2013.
  7. Junchi Guo, Statistics (GWU, 2012 - 2016 ), Improvements in Simulation, Convergence Monitoring, and Modeling of Exponential Random Graph Models for Social Network Analysis.
      Data Scientist at i360 (2016 - present); Internship at Sprint Analytics (2013).
  8. Brian Dumbacher, Statistics (GWU, 2013 - 2016). Small area estimation in a survey of governments.
      U.S. Census Bureau
  9. Yuan Li, Statistics (GWU, 2013 - present). Anticipated 2018.


  • 2009 - 2017: 11 PhD committees at GWU.
  • 2003 - 2009: 20 PhD committees at Iowa State
  • 2003 - 2009: 24 MS committees at Iowa State

Master's Degree Students

  1. Marcela Alfaro, MS Statistics, ISU, summer 2009. ``Comparison of Prior Distributions in Hierarchical Models.''
  2. Kyle Hewitt, MS Statistics, ISU, spring 2009. ``Calibration Estimation applied to Iowa School Survey Data''
  3. Kari Kraemer, MS Statistics, ISU, fall 2008. ``The Effect of Technology on Student Achievement in Iowa Public Schools.''
  4. Katy Campbell, MS Statistics, ISU, summer 2007. ``A comparison of survey mode on response rates and responses in a work-habit study of ISU students.'' Employed by Nielsen Media Consulting, Connectiv.
  5. Jun Liu, MS Statistics, ISU, summer 2007. ``Discrimination on record of police activity to distinguish different types of behavior: A study of a discrimination and clustering procedure.'' PhD physics.
  6. Jianhua Zhu, MS Statistics, ISU, spring 2006. ``Evaluating the income effect of a contract farming program: Evidence from China.'' Employed in Kansas City. PhD Economics.
  7. Lu Lu, MS Statistics, ISU, fall 2005. ``Variance estimation in a survey for the School Board of the State of Iowa.'' PhD statistics at ISU. Postdoc at LANL. Ding Ding Lu, MS Statistics, ISU, anticipated %fall 2005 (PhD Computer Science). ``Modeling of mutual fund %returns.'' PHD CS at ISU. -->
  8. Paul Buzinec, MS Statistics, ISU, summer 2005. ``The three-card method with generalizations for sensitive survey topics.'' Employment as a Research Analyst position at Ingenix, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, Minnesota.
  9. Liza Nirelli, MS Statistics, ISU, summer 2005. ``Comparison of methods for handling missing data in a collegiate survey of tobacco use.'' SAS: teaching consultant (2005-). Lead Statistician, U. of Idaho Social Science Research Unit (2014).
  10. Ian Asplund, MS Statistics, ISU, spring 2005. ``Regression models for predicting rainfall soil erosion.'' Employment with insurance company EMC in Des Moines, Iowa.
  11. Juan Liu, MS Statistics, ISU, fall 2004. ``Factors affecting clustering of multivariate binary data.'' Employment at Pioneer Hi-bred International, Inc.
  12. Meilin Qian Song, MS Statistics, The University of Chicago, summer 2003. ``Estimation of causal effects via propensity score methods.'' Employed at Johns Hopkins University.
  13. Enrique Basurto, MS Statistics, The University of Chicago, summer 2003. ``Applied multivariate methods: Principal components and factor analysis.'' Employed in Mexico.
  14. Hyo Duk Shin, MS Statistics, The University of Chicago, winter 2003. ``Comparison of hierarchical Bayesian models for estimating prevalence and test accuracy in the absence of a gold standard.'' Attending PhD program at Stanford University.
  15. Jeniffer Iriondo-Perez, MS Statistics, The University of Chicago, winter 2003. ``Small area estimation of proportions.'' Employment at Pioneer Hi-bred International, Inc.
  16. Byung Cho Kim, MS Statistics, The University of Chicago, spring 2002. ``A Bayesian errors-in-variables regression model via Gibbs sampling.'' Beginning fall 2002 attending Carnegie Mellon for PhD in Management Information Science.
  17. Ding Cai Cao, MS Statistics, The University of Chicago, winter 2002. ``Models for paired comparison and ranking data with stimulus and observer covariates.'' Simultaneously completing a PhD in Psychology at The University of Chicago.
  18. Jong Chool Park, MS Statistics, The University of Chicago, summer 2001. ``Bayesian analysis of mixtures applied to maternal smoking and gestation.'' PhD Accounting, Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, 2006, faculty member at RPI.