Michael D. Larsen, Teaching

I enjoy teaching statistics and have been involved at many levels. In graduate school at Harvard, I was a teaching assistant for Statistics 102 (Introduction to Biostatistics), Statistics 100 (Introductory Statistics), and an introductory statistics course in the Museum of Comparative Zoology. At Stanford I taught Statistics 60 (Introductory Statistics) and master's level courses (200, 202, 203). Returning to Harvard I taught undergraduate courses: Statistics 100 and 111 (Statistical Inference). At The University of Chicago I taught introductory statistics (200, 220, 220E) and courses for master's degree students (234, 235, 246). While at Chicago I participated in the SESAME program and taught a course for middle school mathematics teachers. During this time I served as an AP Statistics Reader and ran my own AP Statistics summer program for high school teachers. At Iowa State University I taught probability (341) and inference (342) for undergraduates, categorical data analysis (457) for non-statistics graduate students, and probabilty (542) and survey sampling (521, 522) for graduate students. At George Washington University, I taught survey sampling to master's (287/6287) and PhD (288/8288) students as well as introductory statistics for undergraduates (1053, 1051). Now at Saint Michael's College I am engaged in teaching a variety of courses.

I was the original creator of courses 522 at ISU and and 246 at Chicago. I was the first to teach Statistics 234 and 235 at Chicago; these were similar to 110 and 111 at Harvard and Steve Stigler's 244 and 245 at Chicago. At GWU I controlled the content of Statistics 8288 and varied the topics. At Saint Michael's, I will lead the development of courses ST 220 and ST 252 for the 2018-19 school year.

In addition to teaching courses, I have (1) advised PhD, master's degree, and undergraduate students, (2) served on PhD and master's degree committees, (3) served on master's and PhD degree exam committees, (4) written articles and given presentations about teaching statistics, and (5) had a lead role in developing Statistics and Data Science degrees at Saint Michael's College. I also served as director of GWU's Survey Design & Data Analyis (SDDA) graduate certificate program from 2015 to 2017.

Honors for Teaching

  • 2008, Iowa State University, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Master Teacher, nomination by Department of Statistics
  • 1993, Harvard University, Certificate of Distinction in Teaching, Derek Bok Center