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Statistical Theory and Methods

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Collaborative Applications

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Statistical Education and Literacy

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Books Reviews

  1. Larsen, M.D. (2008). Book review of Data Qualtiy and Record Linkage Techniques, by T.N. Herzog, F.J. Scheuren, and W.E. Winkler. Journal of Official Statistics, 24, 2, 327-330.
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  4. Larsen, M.D. (2002). Book review of The Psychology of Survey Response, by R. Tourangeau, L.J. Rips, and K. Rasinski. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 97, 358-359.

Reviews for Mathematical Reviews

Search for MR Number at http://www.ams.org/mathscinet: My MR Author ID Number is 710977.
  1. MR3145114, review published in 2014-07-14.
  2. MR3256058, review published in 2015-09-18.
  3. MR3261606, review published in 2015-09-17.
  4. MR3391696, review published in 2016-01-07.
  5. MR3426315, review published in 2016-04-26.
  6. MR3477741, review published in 2016-12-09.
  7. MR3552742, review submitted 2017.
  8. MR3625952, review submitted 2017.

Study Publications [Contribution Noted]

While at GW's Biostatistics Center, I contributed to several publications by serving on the publications and presentations committee and statisticians committees. I am not listed as an individual author, but was part of the research group. 2014-2017. For DPPOS publications official list, see https://dppos.bsc.gwu.edu/web/dppos/publications.

  • Nathan DM, McGee P, Ste es MW, Lachin JM, and the DCCT/EDIC Research Group. Relationship of glycated albumin to blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) values and to retinopathy, nephropathy and cardiovascular outcomes in the DCCT/EDIC study. Diabetes 2014, 63(1):282-290. PMCID:3868040. [Contribution: statistician on project; methods for statistical analysis with missing blood glucose and other values.]
  • Some publications in 2017 by the Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group (DPPRG). [Contribution: PI; Senior Statistician; Publication and Presentations Committee.]
  • Some publications in 2016 by the Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group (DPPRG). [Contribution: PI; Senior Statistician; Publication and Presentations Committee.]
  • Twelve publications in 2015 by the Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group (DPPRG). [Contribution: PI; Senior Statistician; Publication and Presentations Committee.]
  • Nine publications in 2014 by the Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group (DPPRG). [Contribution: PI; Senior Statistician; Publication and Presentations Committee.]

Miscellaneous Writing

  1. Judson, D.H., Parker, J., and Larsen, M.D. (2013). Adjusting sampling weights for linkage-eligibility using SUDAAN. National Center for Health Statistics, Hyattsville Maryland. May 2013. Official NCHS online document.
  2. National Research Council. (2011). Change and the 2020 Census: Not Whether But How. Panel to Review the 2010 Census (Member: Larsen). T.M. Cook, J.L. Norwood, and D.L. Cork, eds. Committee on National Statistics, Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.
  3. Larsen, M.D. (1999). Identifying residents in administrative records that do not match the Census. Turning Administrative Systems Into Information Systems. Internal Revenue Service, Statistics of Income Publication 1299.
  4. Larsen, M.D. (1999). Predicting the residency status for administrative records that do not match census records. Administrative Records Research Memorandum Series, #20, Census Bureau, U.S. Department of Commerce.


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Reports and White Papers

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